Save The Date: FROSTY BOOZE CRUISE festival III

written on 16. September 2020

Save The Date! Maybe there will be a Frosty Booze Cruise in January 2021. We have 12 bands incl. 2 […]

BOOZE CRUISE Festival 2020 • The Movie

written on 14. Juni 2020

Due to obvious reasons we turned our 3 days festivals into a 2,5 hours movie. Watch heaps of bands playing […]

Welcome back aboard: Good Riddance

written on 12. Juni 2020

Today would have been the day these fine gentlemen played a boat show at MS Hedi in the afternoon and […]

BOOZE CRUISE Festival V postponed by one year!

written on 17. April 2020

BOOZE CRUISE Festival V will be postponed by 1 year Dear Boozers, until the end we hoped for a miracle, […]

BOATLESS BOOZE CRUISE 2 • online punk festival

written on 3. April 2020

We will host a one – day festival this Saturday. At your sofa. All bands will play live sets broadcasted […]

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