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Step 1: Purchase

Grab a day pass or weekend ticket here.


Step 2: Share

Tell you friends to buy a ticket here.


Step 3: Let's go

Turn up, have fun, buy merch, meet new friends and dont be a dick.


They are available now. Grab ’em here.

All Weekend Pass (FRI – SUN)

Get ready to roll all weekend long! On Friday and Saturday, we’ve got a zillion bands lined up across multiple venues. Plus, daily boat rides on the MS TONNE, accessible with your weekend pass.
And on Sunday, we’ve got one boat ride waiting for you – you even get to pick your departure time when you purchase your ticket as the boat ride will take place twice, with a very similar lineup each time. No other shows on Sunday, just one boat ride and then we can hang out the rest of the day or head home early.
Please note that side events like the Pineapple Party, Opening Boatride, and Beer Tasting are not included.

Friday & Saturday Combo

Looking for a packed weekend, but need to leave on Sunday morning? Say no more, we got you covered wth zillion bands and boat rides on Friday and Saturday – all accessible with the combo ticket.
Remember, side events (Pineapple Party, Opening Boatride, Beer Tasting) and Sunday’s boat rides are not included.

Day Passes

Guess what? With a day pass, you get to strut your stuff at all the venues and hop aboard the boat rides on your chosen day – minus the side events. Sorry, Pineapple Party lovers, it’s not included.

(Only accessible with a Booze Cruise wristband + ticket for the side event)

Pineapple Party

Sip your way through a fruity fiesta! Your ticket gets you a pineapple with your first drink, and we’ll even keep those refills flowing at pocket-friendly prices. Join us on Saturday afternoon for a vitamine-powered party. There also will be non-alcoholic options available.
Stay tuned for more juicy details about the location, lineup, and exact timing – coming soonish!

Opening Boat Ride

Remember the boat where the Booze Cruise all began? MS Frau Hedi back in action on Friday afternoon!
Boarding starts at 16:30, the fun kicks off at 17:00, and we’ll sail through the good times until 19:00.
Tickets for this ride will be available in early 2024. We’ll keep you posted on this!

TILMANS Beer Tasting 

You must love Tilmans – we can tell because it’s the best-selling beer at Cruise Records. But do you really know the brews and the brewery’s untold stories? Franz from Tilmans will spill the hops and share hilarious anecdotes about running a Bavarian brewery. You’ll also get to savor all the Tilmans beers we have in store. To top it off, Franz will pair each beer with a fantastic punk record. Sip, listen, and laugh your way through this event. Who says you can’t have a blast in between bands? So grab a ticket and join the joyride. Cheers! 🍻🎶

Great that you still have it, for now!

So, the Early Toucan Ticket is your pass for the entire weekend (from Friday to Sunday). It also includes one of the boat rides on Sunday. Take a look at your ticket; you’ll find a ticket number and an email address. Drop us a message to let us know which of the two boat rides you’d like to join – the one setting sail at 13:00 or the one at 16:00.

If we haven’t heard from you by October 22nd, we’ll automatically book you for the 16:00 boat ride. It’s going to be the grand finale of Booze Cruise, so bring some tissues. 

Just so you know, this ticket doesn’t cover the Opening Boat Ride, the Pineapple Party, or any other side events. 

We’ll be rolling out band announcements in waves, so be sure to keep an eye on our social media for updates or drop by our website from time to time. With any luck, we’ll have all the bands revealed by January 2023 at the very latest. Fingers crossed!

Now, it’s that time of year again when we have to send out our annual reminder: please, keep your shirts on. We’re all sizzling hot in every sense of the word, and nobody’s looking to snuggle with your sweaty belly. If you’re in the mood for some skin-to-skin action, St. Pauli has plenty of cruising spots to explore. However, despite the ‘Cruise’ in our festival’s name, it’s essential to note that our festival is definitely not one of those spots.

This is our final Booze Cruise, and we’ve got a list of bands we’d love to invite. Sadly, it’s longer than the space we have at the festival.
So, kindly exercise some patience, don’t call us, we call you. 

For sponsorship/guidebook ad inquires email us via ahoi (A)

Booze Cruise is held at various venues across Hamburg St. Pauli, Germany. 
All venues are in walking distance. 

We are aware that some of these venues do not provide full accessibility, especially for those people who may struggle to use stairs.

To enquire about a discounted ticket, or if you have any questions about access at any of the venues, please email ahoi (A)

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