Booze Cruise App

written on 15. Juni 2022

Find our entire program, all news and much more in the „Festivalcamp“ App. Just download the Festivalcamp App for free […]

Day Splits

written on 2. Juni 2022

Hamburg’s Booze Cruise weekend is coming closer, let’s split the line up into daily portions, shall we?! These are the […]

Second Bandwave

written on 3. Mai 2022

Please welcome aboard 100 Kilo Herz Between Bodies Career Suicide The Carolyn Cigar Colletti Eaten By Snakes Fine & Great […]

First Band Wave

written on 23. Februar 2022

The first band wave just hit the Elbe shores.


written on 3. Dezember 2021

Hey folks, This painful decision has been looming for a while now but we feel it’s now time to make […]

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