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Bike Age are from Stuttgart, Germany and they released their new record with Twisted Chords. There are 10 song on the record, one being No Use For A Name cover of Exit. The music of Bike Age is nothing new, nothing complicated, but that is the beauty of this band and this album. The guys play old school 90-is melodic skatepunk in the vein of all those old Cali Fat Wreck and Epitaph early bands like NUFAN, Nofx, Bad Religion, Lagwagon and others. That means beautiful vocals and backing vocal harmonies, catchy and nice melodic guitar riffs, fast drumming mixed with some mid tempo punkrock and of course, anthemic singalong choruses just made to sing along and hum all day long.“ (Kraykulla Fanzine)


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Bike Age

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Twisted Chords (2019)