Only 5 days to go until Booze Cruise 10 is finally there.
Three days jam-packed with shows in small, sweaty venues, boat rides with live bands, our pineapple party, secret late-night concerts by the waterfront, and parties at the Gun Club until the sun rises.We can’t wait to have a blast with all of you. While some bands have different plans for that weekend now, we’re thrilled that others will be joining us for some boozy fun.
Check out our website for updates on the new lineup!

2024 will be our last dance and we would love to dance it with y’all!
“I always dance the last dance of the season. This year someone told me not to. But I won’t be stopped. I will dance.” What applied to Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing applies to us this year too, ‘The Time Of Our Lives’ and go.

No idea what happened? Here is a summary of the last weeks, our statement from some weeks ago and my apology for certain wordings. Buckle up, it’s a wild ride: >>>This Way

Also look into our BOOZE GELD fundraiser, okay? >>>This Way

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