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Hafenklang Goldener Salon & MS Tonne

“According to Wikipedia “the Chartreux is large and muscular with relatively short, fine-boned limbs, and very fast reflexes.” What it’s trying to say – albeit in a fairly roundabout manner – is this: Chartreux play high-energy punk with a big sound. They have strong songwriting with a fondness for catchy hooks and melodies as well as sing-along vocal arrangements. They go from in-your-face to “all together now” within seconds, never missing out on the small details that keep it fresh and exciting. Yeah yeah… we all know the ingredients to a punk song, but it’s you blend them together and how you bring them across. Chartreux get it just right. And if they remind you of “that guy from Tackleberry / Shutcombo / Piefke” it’s because, well, they are. Pretty much DIY Punk veterans as you can see. Ain’t no surprise they’re on Gunner Records. I’m realizing just now that Wiki of course refers to the breed of cat with the same name but it doesn’t change anything stated above.” (LIFEWENTPEAR)


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