Chartreux (GER)


GER / Showtime: TBA

„A true poet once wrote: “Antifa und Hooligans gegen schlaue Bücherfans”. Back in the old days, when wer were in bands together, Aiko (of Chartreux) would be the butt of that joke, booky as he was. Fast forward 10 years and he’s all into martial arts…and got himself one hell of a great new band. And it’S safe to say that particular apple didn’t fall all that far from the HC-Punk tree. Short, loud, fast…less books, more hooks…the kind of music that nobody in the world likes anymore – and everyone at Booze Cruise will love. Can’t wait for a Charterials tour to finally spend some time together again.“ (ARTERIALS)


Current Release


You Didn't Doubt This

Gunner Records (2021)