written on 25. November 2019

Here is a playlist of videos by all bands playing FROSTY BOOZE CRUISE on 29/30. November 2019.

Daypasses still available

written on 25. November 2019

While weekend passes and Saturday day – passes are sold out, we still have a few Saturday – afternoon tickets, […]

FBC – time tables online

written on 17. November 2019

First things first: The time tables are online! Check for all timings, info, videos,….. Bad news: Second Youth were forced to cancel […]

BOOZE CRUISE playlist with audio comments

written on 20. Mai 2019

We just released a spotify playlist with audio comments by Scott Ritcher of Metroschifter and heaps of songs by DeeCRACKS, As Friends Rust (Official), Irish […]

Day splits

written on 29. April 2019

Thu, 6. June 2019 • pre fest DECENT CRIMINAL (USA) SEWER RATS (GER) Fri, 7. June 2019 RED CITY RADIO […]

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