BOOZE CRUISE season is on!

geschrieben am 3. Januar 2019

BOOZE CRUISE season is on. We will finally announce the first bunch of bands in mid January and will start […]

First bands for Bristol’s Booze Cruise announced

geschrieben am 14. Dezember 2018

Woohoo, we are stupidly excited to share with you the first chunk of bands playing Bristol’s Booze Cruise on 24/26 […]

No fest without pre-fest :)

geschrieben am 20. Oktober 2018

Warm up with us and these two fine gentlemen all the way from frosty Canada: JOE VICKERS Edmonton Gunner Records […]

Frosty Booze Cruise: Some daypasses still available

geschrieben am 17. Oktober 2018

The all-weekend-passes + boat show tickets are completely sold out now! No returned tickets due to bounced credit card payments. […]


geschrieben am 8. Oktober 2018

Call it pre-fest, call it what you want, we’ll still call it love. In other words do you know what […]

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