Worst Advice

Nuremberg, Germany


Friday & Saturday


MS Tonne & Hafenklang

“What’s the worst advice you’ve ever gotten? And how bad was it? Or did it end up leading to something good? Or at least fun? Because no good story starts with a salad, right?
WORST ADVICE from Nuremberg are old enough to give plenty of advice, be it good or bad. They're also old enough to remember when the term "pop-punk“ didn’t refer to ex-Hardcore dudes rediscovering their love for NEW FOUND GLORY, but rather the golden age of Lookout! Records or more recently Red Scare Records.
WORST ADVICE find themselves in the same tradition as THE COPYRIGHTS or THE CREEPS. Lyrically they are exploring the darker sides of life while never sounding whiny but rather embracing being fucked up and feeling alienated. It all comes wrapped up in beautiful songs, delivered with truckloads of raspy harmonies that will have you singing along in no time!
Want some advice? Don’t miss their set!”


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