Wasted Years

Wasted Years (GER)


GER / Showtime: TBA

„It might just be a coincidence, but WASTED YEARS, despite being a brand new band, remind me of nerdy bands from the heydays of indie-emo in the mid-90ties – HANKSHAW, SAMUEL, maybe even BABY GOPAL – kind of a sound long gone and forgotten and seldomly reviewed by bands these days. And i’ll gladly dive right into ex-band-name dropping here, because what a list do we have got here: This band is (among others) ex-SHORT FUSE, VADERS, FORCE OF CHANGE, PUNCH…sounds mouth-watering right? People: Grab their 10” EP (also quite forgotten these days, huh? What a great format for a record!) and dance along on the Cruise. And, let me mention this last but not least, Dennis’ skills as a band-manager are legendary and still told through our punk rock lore regularly.“ (CRUISE RECORDS)


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Wasted Years


DIY (2021)