GER / Friday, 4. November • Hafenklang

“I was just gonna leave here what Marius(of ALL ABOARD!) wrote about how Hamburg’s SHELLYCOAT sounds like a certain german crossover band, because it was actually pretty funny. But I just could not leave it on our Festival’s website uncommented for fear of some idiots actually taking it for anything but a joke between friends. So, let me just mention that this band is one of the most underrated bands out there and they have played BC pretty much every year and i want to remind you here that they are among the original firestarters of the whole “cover set at BC” craze, in which they will happily join in again this year! Does anybody remember their SAMIAM or THE GET UP KIDS cover sets? Right, you don’t, because you got so shitfaced during their sets that you passed out. Thanks for being awesome and playing every year, SHELLYCOAT!” (BOOZE CRUISE)


“You know what really grinds my gears? That every band with a female singer always gets compared to PARAMORE. I‘m so glad that SHELLYCOAT don‘t have such problems. Listen to their last album. It is a masterpiece. The ‚Proud like a god‘ of this decade, if you ask me.”


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Hide The Knifes

Fond Of Life Records (2020)