GER / Showtime: TBA

„Remember when Quizduell was the hottest app for your mobile? That was around the time when our old band went on tour with the Bayrisch’n Hoandschell’n for the first time. And we quickly learned one thing: Don’t ever fuck with the little tiger, or, „Kleiner Tiger“, which was Dennis Handcuffs‘ username for Quizduell. Don’t challenge him for a duel – or you’ll be sorry! This dude knows EVERYTHING there is to know in the whole wide world. Many a time we would be riding in the van and someone (way too often, me) would randomly look at his mobile and yell „fuck you, Kleiner Tiger!“, because, once again, the „Kleiner Tiger“ reigned supreme in Quizduell. Aaah, so are the little pleasures and pains of being on the road. And some more suggestions: Most of the dudes in this band have a little trailer tattooed somewhere on their legs. Go ask them about how, and why, they got it. Might have something to do with some stupid idea i had while preparing that tour we went on.“

„Ok, wait a second. (Keyboard typing sounds) Ahh, “a person carrying an alcoholic beverage in both hands at the same time”. Well, fits these guys. Anyway, have you ever seen a dolphin, an avocado and a skeleton playing pool at 5am in a hotel lobby in Hamburg? Me neither. But I have seen this band doing it and it was frightening. It was so bad that I decided to go to sleep. Nevertheless, these four gentlemen from Regensburg are definitely worth the trouble on stage, so you should catch their set and have a tasty drink while listening to their tasty melodies.“



Current Release


Comfort in Distraction

Fond Of Life Records (2018)