Irish Handcuffs

Regensburg, DE


Saturday, 24. June 2023


Hafenklang - Goldener Salon


20:15 - 20:45


“First off, remember, Regensburg’s Handcuffs are one of the (two) bands of the original, very first Booze Cruise way back when pre-historic giant crocodiles still roamed the Elbe River. They’ve been rocking the boat every year since…so what’s new in ‘23? Well, they released their 2nd full length “Transitions” last year. OK, the ‘Cuffs are now down to a three piece (like way back in the beginning!), and holy cow, does this shit rule. They have matured to perfection – and despite being one member short, their sound is a far cry from the typical “power trio” sound. “Transitions” is full of that harmonic flavor usually associated with the twin guitar attack of a certain grumpy, bearded ole’ Sunderlander’s band, a chap who, maybe not surprisingly, happened to inspire the ‘Cuffs when naming their very first EP “Stubbs” way back in the beginning. So, things are good in ‘23, because the ‘Cuffs are still playing BC. Handcuffs and Booze Cruise, big love forever!”




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