Fever Sleep

Portland, Oregon





"With the perfect blend of melody, aggression, and raw energy, FEVER SLEEP, hailing from Portland, Oregon, occupies a space somewhere between the realms of punk and grunge – if you're into genres.
But, this isn't just a nostalgic throwback to days gone by. Comprised of former members of Young Livers, Dikembe, and Lock and Key, they draw from a diverse range of influences to craft something both fresh and comfortably familiar, like reconnecting with an old friend.
Picture a more melodious Helmet or a fiercer Sonic Youth, carried along by a relentless wall of sound and haunting choruses reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr. and Constantines. And just to spice things up, they inject a dose of DC-inspired energy and vitality into the mix for good measure."
(Booze Cruise)


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