Last chance to dance

Hey there,

guess what? We’re gearing up for the 10th Booze Cruise next Summer and this time, we’re turning it into a grand farewell. After this one, there won’t be any more Booze Cruise. Yep, you read that right. We’re quitting before someone labels us a ‘Kultfestival.’

But why, you ask? It’s not about the skyrocketing costs (we never really broke even anyway) or the fact that you can see just about every band on the planet touring non-stop. It simply boiled down to us losing the fun of booking a festival with 60+ bands while juggling full-time jobs, record stores and labels. We’re yearning for some downtime, for once.

So, heed Cypress Hill’s advice and better be ready when this ship goes down – and you better be there to dance one last time. Book your tickets, grab a hotel room, invite your friends and clear your schedules for this ultimate hurrah!

Cruise Recordstore and Not Sorry Records will continue and we’ve got some exciting stuff in the pipeline.

Here’s to one epic farewell party! 🎉🍻

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