Tickets for Booze Cruise 2020, Booze Cruise 2021 are still valid, right? 



Can I get a refund on my ticket? 

If you purchased a ticket for Booze Cruise Festival V • 2020 at TixForGigs or Eventim, you could get a refund.
Just reach out to their customer service:


BOOZE CRUISE 2022 • Covid 19 obligations

The obligation to wear face masks in indoor areas has been lifted. Yet, in individual cases whenever the minimum distance of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained, it is always safer to wear a mask.
In public transport the obligation to wear medical face masks is still in effect.

You can buy facemarks in all grocery stores, drugstores and pharmacies across Hamburg.

Where to get tested?

You can purchase self testing kits at all drugstores (like DM or Budni) and pharmacies across town.
And there are several testing facilities located in St. Pauli, where you can get tested for free every day.
Book an appointment in advance at https://www.coronatest-stpauli.de/

Showing symptoms?

Please stay in bed, watch some Matty Matheson videos and get well soon. 


Do you sell day tickets?

Weekend passes, day tickets – I hope you’ll find what you need.


When and how can I get tickets?

The tickets are available through tixforgigs.com. 


Where can I pick up my wristband?

You can exchange your ticket all weekend from 11am to 10pm at

Cruise Records
Seilerstraße 56
20359 Hamburg St. Pauli


Where can I go after the bands finish?

There will be an after show parties every night. We will announce those parties later on. 


Where can I drink?

You can drink in all the venues (German law: 16 = beer and wine, 18+ = you’re fine), this festival is called BOOZE CRUISE. Dammit!

For all you non-Germans: You can drink literally everywhere but on public transportation and certain streets in St. Pauli.
Oh, and we don’t have curfews…


Food, what about food?

Check our “carbs” section on our website. There are plenty of options near most of the venues.


I am from out of town, where can I take a nap?

Check the “beds” section.

If you wanna sleep in your RV or van, there is a parking lot at St Pauli Hafenstraße 89, where lots of RVs could park. Right next to the river, pretty sweet spot.


How accessible are the venues?

We are aware that some of these venues do not provide full accessibility, especially for those people who may struggle to use stairs.

To enquire about a discounted ticket, or if you have any questions about access at any of the venues, please email ahoi (A) boozecruise.de


Can I have a pass to review or photograph BOOZE CRUISE festival?

Please email ahoi (A) boozecruise.de to apply.

Can my band play?

We love to hear as many bands as possible but unfortunately, we cannot accept submissions.

We have limited slots with small venues/stages so space is limited. Furthermore, we want to ensure the safety of our attendees and everyone involved. This includes making everyone feel comfortable, safe and welcome. For this reason, we work with bands and musicians who we have previously met, worked with or had an introduction/recommendation.

So if we haven’t met in person, get yourself a Booze Cruise ticket, enjoy the weekend and say hi, maybe your band can play in future.


How do I become a BOOZE CRUISE sponsor or take out an ad in your guidebook?

For sponsorship/guidebook ad inquires email Sarah via sarah (A) boozecruise.de




Any further questions?

Drop us a line or two: Imprint