CH / Saturday, 05. November • Molotow

“ÜBERYOU are living the DIY life, playing their asses off and organizing the legendary Obenuse Fest every year. They’re without a doubt one of the hardest working bands in Europe. But sometimes it’s quite hard to understand them and they start singing Gianna Nannini after too much Fernet Branca.”

“Please, use your imagination for a few seconds. Ready? Alright: You are in Wangen, a quiet little town in Bavaria, Germany. Everything is packed in the van and you’re standing near the front door having a chat with your friend who is sitting in the car while you both enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding landscapes. Suddenly, out of nowhere you hear an explosion in a dangerously close distance and as you turn your head, you see a guy sneaking up on you behind the parked cars throwing shitty supermarket firecrackers at you while giggling and yelling “COWABUNGA!”. That describes ÜBERYOU from Zürich pretty well. Love these guys.”


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Gunner Records (2019)