UK / Saturday, 11. December + Sunday, 12. December

„I met Daniel from The Run Up at Fest 12 when my old band played. He said we were one of the big reasons he came to Fest. He was (is) a palpably kind and thoughtful human, and despite his questionable taste in drunken midwest punk bands, we kept in touch over the years. When he showed me the band he was in, The Run Up, it struck a lot of the chords (figuratively & literally) that fuel my love for punk music. The sincerity and the positivity, layered with an honesty about the same internal lows & struggles I’m oh so familiar with, made it feel like we’d been close friends our whole lives.

My biggest conceivable goal for playing in a band has always been to tour Europe, and it only seems fitting that it’s happening with The Run Up. I can’t wait.“
(Bong Mountain)

„Run Up? Run Away! I jest, mega catchy singalong org-core. For all you IRON CHIC fans. Maybe one of them will throw up before our set again.“
(Ducking Punches)

„I met THE RUN UP when they were playing the practice space of some of my friends. I didn’t know them before but as those practice space shows had a track record of having ridiculously great bands that should play huge stages instead of tiny rooms I was sure I’d be into them. Little did I know that I was about to see one of the best bands the European scene currently has to offer. It helps that they’re also some of the nicest people. If life is fair, Booze Cruise and the tour around it is likely one of the last chances to see them on a smaller stage as they deserve to and will be huge.“


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In Motion

Gunner Records (2019)