Toronto, CA


SUNDAY, 25th JUne 2023




17:15 - 18:15


“You know those bands that on paper sound like you just have to love them, but somehow you don’t? Back on what must’ve been one of their first Euro-tours (2008?) an old band of mine played with THE FLATLINERS in Munich. We hung out at the merch booth and traded CDs. I listened to it and immediately sold it off on eBay. Just didn’t click with me. Back then people actually still paid for used CDs. Go figure.
Fast forward five years later: Since our encounter I hadn’t been following their output, but I somehow got into „Dead Language“. It finally clicked. It clicked so much that we pretty much ripped off the complete intro riff to „Birds of England” on our first album. So much, that I once urged my tattooer to go faster, so I wouldn’t miss Chris’ acoustic set at the Ramones Museum. We missed the set anyway. Never rush your tattooer while tattooing.
When we put on the Flats in our hometown, it was one of the most fun after show parties. There was pizza, beer and weed. Chris and I talked about 80s movies. He never accepted my Facebook request. Nice story bro, but what do they sound like, you ask? Let me tell you: if you’re at Booze Cruise right now, you will just LOVE them! Rush your tattooer, if you have to, but don’t miss their set!”




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