GER / Showtime: TBA

„Hey Ho! Rats Go! … what else there is to say, when it comes to the punkest rats you might meet at Booze Cruise? Not only do they put on great live shows, are all around nice guys, but those „animals“ are (from what we know) the inventors of #Kannentime, a concept that should go along pretty well with a festival called „Booze Cruise“ …“ (PRIMETIME FAILURE)

„These guys are so much fun. Go check em out and have a good time. Talk to them at the show for some fun conversations, you won’t regret it!“

„Kannentime! No band will make you want to quit your job, head to a show, pogo, sing along and want to start a band the minute their set is over, quicker the the Koln lady killers, The Sewer Rats. Met a couple of those goobers at AJZ in Wermelskirchen in 2017. We played pool, talked about doing a split, a Euro, and US Fest tour together. If you’re in a band, you’ve met amazing bands and have had this plan before, our instant connection and wolf brotherhood was so strong we got the ball rolling and pulled off all 3 in less than a year of planning. Great song, great live show, better people. The most fun band you will see at Booze Cruise. Boom!“ ( Terry • THE JUKEBOX ROMANTICS)


Current Release


Heartbreaks & Milkshakes

Rookie Records (2017)