School Drugs

New Jersey, USA


Sunday, 25. June 2023


Hafenklang - Goldener Salon


17:00 - 17:30


In a post-modern subcultural landscape where trend cycles move at hyper-speed and “cool” is eternally in flux, hype is a more potent force than ever. As both a listener and a creator, the urge to succumb to flavor-of-the-week musical fads can tempt even the most stalwart of individualists. But where others buckle, School Drugs bucks.

While you were trading in your Terror shirt and cargo shorts for combat boots and an 86 Mentality tee, School Drugs has spent 5 years carving a swath of destruction up and down the Jersey Shore with their smart, no-nonsense hardcore. Though fans of classic bands like Poison Idea and TSOL will find plenty to love in their high-speed, melodic sensibilities, a backwards-facing old school cosplay act School Drugs is not. Instead, what’s on offer is an expertly crafted brand of cerebral, ripping hardcore punk with a reverence for the genre’s forebears and both eyes set firmly on the horizon. Where other bands are content to rehash, School Drugs would rather reinvent.




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