GER / Showtime: TBA

You work hard, you drink hard? So treat your throats and ears with the creators of one of the best german punkrock records of the past years: RESOLUTIONS
FFO: Fernet Branca, Beer, THE WEAKERTHANS coversongs, 50 shades of beige

„It’s been too long since we played with those fools! I miss Roberts comforting voice. On our way to the very first Booze Cruise, Til saved us from pushing our own rental van into a brick wall for a video. I hope they bring both their bass players to Hamburg. Timothy doesn’t have to play. He just has to be there. If you like your punk FEST-y, they have the beards AND the flannels!“

„This band is everywhere … being out in a foreign town, roaming the streets at night, helplessly looking for a gas station to sell you cigarettes, you can be sure to miraculously meet one of the guys. Like Droopy Dog, they’re always right there before you even know you’ll be there … nicest bunch of guys and you know what? They even fold their towel and do the dishes if you let them crash on your floor!“

„Trinkfeste Burschen, haben mal eben die beste deutsche „US-Punk“ Platte des letzten Jahres gemacht. Da fällt mir auf, die ist jetzt genau drei Jahre alt.“



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Fond Of Life Records (2016)