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„Shit, how we love those dudes! Bielefeld’s best dancers and nicest guys ever! Listening to Primetime Failure makes you wanna watch some old skate videos, call up all your friends and do a nice long summer road trip to Bordeaux.
Those guys constantly wear the broadest smiles (and freshest caps) and always deliver a good time. Catchy hooks, great songs, rad artwork, tons of energy and completely stuck in the 90s (stuck just like us <3 ) it’s absolutely impossible not to love them. Save the last dance (and your last pair of baggy pants) for Primetime Failure!“
(Sewer Rats)

„I’ve known these guys since… well …the 90s. It was around that time when you figured that a band called No Fun At All actually plays even faster than Bad Religion. NOFX wore NOFX shorts. Cheap Shots, Punk-O-Rama and the booklet of your last CD told you which bands to check out next when you hit the record store. If you had any type of a skate and/or pop punk background, you formed a band to become the next Millencolin or Lag Wagon. You put together your first crappy demo on a 4-track tape recorder. Or 8-track, woohoo. And then released a demo tape. On tape. With a black and white copied hand-cut cover. You get the foundation now. Crazy stuff like that, years in the past, but PRIMETIME FAILURE know where the DeLorean is parked.

I’ve played in several bands with parts of them for looooong years, with Tobi up to this day in Modern Saints. Watching PRIMETIME FAILURE play these days is bringing up a lot of nostalgia and a huge smile. Every chord they play, every bad and even worse inside joke, I’ve heard it all before, and probably will again, for good. Jan is wearing his oversized Dickies pants and a Satanic Surfers shirt (you know, the Santa Cruz rip off) which he actually got at a show they played together in the here and now. I wish I could tell his younger teenie-self. Also that in the far future, he will not roll and smoke weed, but he will use a vaporizer instead. 16 year old Jan might be confused. For his own good I won’t tell him that David Hasselhoff will do a video intro for their future hit song „Stuck in the 90s“.

Before I close, here’s some useful background knowledge for those of you who didn’t grow up in the Lipperreihe area: Jan and Tobi supposedly spent every second of their childhood together. Tobi’s younger brother Daniel, now on the drums, wasn’t allowed in the room when weed was consumed. And Tobi, the other one, is that guy from Enger (that’s near Herford (that’s near Bielefeld) (planet earth))) who knew and still knows EVERYONE around the globe involved in ANY band. He wrote letters with Jeff from Gameface when the pen was invented. See? What you get with PRIMETIME FAILURE is 4 friends / 2 brothers, who formed a band just for the fun of it and never would have guessed where their journey goes. Go check them out having a good time!“
(Eaten by Snakes)


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Memory Lane

Shield Records (2019)