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AUT / Showtime: Friday, 24h June • TBA

„It’s a small world and the punk rock world is even smaller. In early 2018 our friend Craig in Florida posted a video praising a band called PRESS CLUB from Australia. I really liked what I heard, showed it to my bandmates and friends and ordered the LP all the way from Oz. After ordering they sent me a lengthy message saying thanks and wondering how the hell I had heard about them and their little self-released record. In my response I suggested we should play together if they would ever tour Europe. Fast forward just one year and we’re playing with them in Munich. They put on one hell of a live show, despite singer Natalie spraining her ankle during the set. To say that they’re the perfect fit for BOOZE CRUISE would be an understatement. They’re gonna melt faces and tear down the stage…or sink the boat?“ (IRISH HANDCUFFS)


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