durham, uk


Saturday, 24. June 2023


Molotow - Club


20:45 - 21:30


“The first thing drummer Nathan did to me when we first met was give me a hug … admittedly I had just given him a can of IRN-BRU but nevertheless MARTHA is just like that: You gotta love them! But let me explain. A vegan, straight edge (2/4) indie punk band musically, they go from occultism to that special romance of holding someone’s hair who’s throwing up to to the infinite void that awaits all of us and back via Emma Goldman and congenital conditions lyrically. There’s two PhD’s in the band for you eggheads and miners’  blood for you working class folks. All that makes for the most catchy songs you’ll hear for a very long time. If you don’t go and see MARTHA live at BOOZE CRUISE 2023 it’ll haunt you for the rest of your existence … and the only thing that can cheer you up again would be MARTHA writing a catchy ass song about it!” (Muttnicks)




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