Los Flixs

Los Flixs (AUT)


AUT / Friday, 24. June • TBA

„You can’t go wrong with Caro –of Suicidas’ & Ruidosa Inmundincia’s fame- in a band. Such passionate persons always make great music, and always find the best crews to share their vision and make it real. Based in Vienna –  Austria, Los Flixs members not only share the same passion for punk rock music, but they all have close roots from Latin America, and as a result they manage to deliver an amazing mix of fast melodic Latino punk infused with elements of the ‘90s North American version of this style. Honest songs with memorable choruses brought to plastic life by Germany’s mighty SABOTAGE RECORDS! Don’t miss them!“ (CHAIN CULT)


Current Release

Los Flixs


Sabotage Records (2021)