Lone Wolf

Rotterdam, NL


Saturday, 24. June 2023


Molotow - Club


17:00 - 17:30


“LONE WOLF went from “Who?” to “Everybody’s darling” in no time. If you want to know how your band can do the same, come a little closer and let me tell you their secret. Ready? Okay: they’re just really good. And that’s why for some years now they get invited to play everywhere between Hamburg and Gainesville.

What is it about the Netherlands to consistently birth great melodic punk bands? Oh, so there are some family ties between LONE WOLF, The Apers and Accelerators? Well, that might explain parts of it. 

There is really no excuse to not check out LONE WOLF at this year’s Booze Cruise. What is it you’re saying? You don’t really like pop punk and prefer music with more emotional depth? Oh, don’t worry: There is a bittersweetness to LONE WOLF’s brand of pop punk, that allows it to be hyper-melodic without ever sounding cheesy. Anything else? No? Thought so…”




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