Lagwagon (USA)


USA / Saturday, 25. June • TBA

„Let’s talk gateway drugs we all still enjoy now kids! All aboard the Lagwagon, the first ride is for free and we promise you’ll get hooked like we did back in the days. It’s not an overstatement to say that our band would sound different without Lagwagon providing the soundtrack to countless days on couches playing Playstation games, trying to break every bone in our bodies mimicking people that could really skate, wasting time or never ever ever ever smoking weed (a thing we heard people talking about other people doing in the past). As a TV show Lagwagon would be the Simpsons of punk rock and who doesn’t love the Simpsons (Only bad guys hate the Simpsons and you don’t wanna be a scumbag, right?).“ (PRIMETIME FAILURE)


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Fat Wreck Chords (2019)