Kali Masi

Kali Masi (USA)


USA / Saturday, 11. December • Hafenklang

„KALI MASI are true artists and true sweethearts. Spending time around this crew was inspiring and fun. Want to have a good conversation? Talk to their bass player, Anthony, I could listen to that guy go on and on for hours. There really aren’t very many bands right now making music as well crafted, genuine, and full of sustenance as KALI MASI. If you watch / listen to / meet this band and don’t feel things you may be an evil robot and I’m not sure we can be friends.“

„My (former) hometown of Chicago is known for having some of the best bands in the punk scene these days, and Kali Masi takes that nonsense to a whole new level. The first time I met Sam we were both playing acoustic sets in the old Typesetter house in Chicago (Schoolhouse 4Eva – RIP), and his voice and songwriting made me want to throw my guitar in a river because it’s so fucking good. It doesn’t hurt that they’re about the sweetest folks in the world, too. Kali Masi feels like home to me, and I can’t wait until Foo Fighters open up for them in 5 years.“
(Jason S. Thompson / Little Teeth)


Current Release

Kali Masi


Homebound Records (2021)