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Jeff Rowe (USA)


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„Gloucester,Massachusetts can be a tough town. Born and raised in this small port town north of Boston, Jeff Rowe cut his teeth on punk rock. He and his band mates in the now defunct BoxingWater often sang about the frustrations and angst that comes along with an attempt to rise above a backdrop that’s trying it’s hardest to keep you down. And now, with a new clarity that perhaps comes with time and age, Rowe is telling these stories again. Though comparisons and influences are inevitable, Rowe’s brand of acoustic folk has a unique freshness. Without sounding contrived Rowe manages this familiar medium with a natural ease which, as it should be, allows his songs to be the center of our attention. Rowe’s songs, though at times extremely personal, have a universality that allows the listener to not only glimpse Rowe’s perspective but also urge a sort of self reflection on our part as well. There is no songwriter elitism here, just an honest attempt at showing that music can not only help, but perhaps heal. Frailty, anger, hope, all of which are conditions we all deal with are brought to the forefront in Rowe’s music and they are dealt with an insight I believe we can all benefit from.“


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Jeff Rowe

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Gunner Records (2012)