Good Friend

Good Friend (IRL)


IRL / Showtime: TBA

Good Friend are some of the goodest friends you could ever hope to meet. They’re like your favourite pet that you had when you were growing up and you buried in the garden, next to the rockery. Or you flushed down the toilet as an experiment. Well, now you know. It wont be coming back. However. These cutiepies are here to stay. They’re hard rocking and hard drinking but they have the sweetest of hearts. I was lucky enough to hit the road with Adam in Ireland last year and we had a wonderful time. I can’t wait to finally get those tattoos together and sing our wee hearts out all over again. Oh, and we’re label buddies too now. Viva la Red Scare! Love you fuckers. Xxx“
(Billy Liar)


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Good Friend

Ride The Storm

Gunner Records (2016)