Dollars For Deadbeats

Dollars For Deadbeats (GER)


GER / Showtime: TBA

„Let’s call this bands music „booze punk“. While DOLLARS FOR DEADBEATS first album to me kinda sounded like the soundtrack to getting drunk in London, their latest effort „Was It A Good Night“? sounds more like we’re havin‘ a few shots too many in some midwestern US bar, just before we get beat up by a bunch of angry biker dudes. Sure that does not sound like a band from Munich at all, does it? And, more importantly, let me ask: Does this sound like a scenario compatible to sippin‘ pineapples on the Elbe shore? Guess we’ll find out soon – altough i must say have seen enough of this bunch of people to expect nothing short of tippsy greatness.“ (BOOZE CRUISE)


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Dollars For Deadbeats

Was It A Good Night?

Gunner Records (2020)