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„In 2014, I put on a show for CIGARETTE CROSSFIRE, a bunch of bearded dudes from up in Finland, who tour in a station wagon with a small trailer („We wouldn’t do it any other way.“).A bit later, singer Illkka then sent me the first recordings of his new band CUSTODY and I’m blown away. That’s sounds even better than SAMIAM, which is exactly my thing, and I absolutely want to be part of the release of that record. Two years later, I have sold exactly one copy of the 7“. Well, maybe that changes now that the band finally plays Germany this summer. Or at least I can complain to the band about it.“
(Cornelius / BLACK LINING)

„I’ll come clean here. I have bumped into some of these guys a few times in other Finnish bands, mainly when FEST puts us all over in Florida once a year and kindred spirits gravitate towards each other, especially when none of us have a clue what’s going on so we all grab a beer and start jumping in the pool as a default. The names and faces would keep appearing, and then we’d all head off back across the pond until the next time.
Anyway, social media helps maintain that link, and (for me) CUSTODY were born…as were children, hence their #daddypunk tag. Now, as a father myself, still trying to smash out songs I love that make me feel alive, this was something that raised my interest. Some talk of a SAMIAM/GET UP KIDS type mash up too. Got the 7”s and…yeah, oh yeah. Just great, great songs exactly how you’d hope they sound. You know when it is just effortless and not contrived and tips their hat to the past whilst embracing the present and looking forwards to the future? Then the LP came along and it just blew me away…just consistently interesting guitar work without being #dadrock and relatable lyrics about life. Even got myself a CUSTODY koozie via the US so I can sit by the water in the sunshine with these boys again drinking a quality beer in a city outside of our home countries, but when you’re together you always feel at home.“


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