Kirsty & Cory Call

Kirsty & Cory Call (GER)


GER / Showtime: TBA

„2012 at DTFH Fest in North Carolina, is when I first saw Arliss Nancy & met the amazing Cory Call. Great song writer, great person. Fast forward to 2017 & The Jukebox Romantics are on our first European tour and I see this person wearing a bowler with a One Man Army patch on it. I basically did a back flip over the fact that someone in Munich was wearing one of my favorite bands patch on her hat. It was Kristy. Turns out she kills it in Dollars for Deadbeats and is the Yin to Cory’s Yang. Super stoked to see them perform together at this years Booze Cruise.“
(Mike • The Jukebox Romantics)

„Cory and Kirsty Call are Munich’s power couple of drunk shenanigans. Fronting Little Teeth (and Arliss Nancy, currently on hiatus) and Dollars for Deadbeats respectively, they know their way around the stage. Off stage they stumble through life day by day though, often times quite literally. Cory describes himself as “singer of serious songs while being a ridiculous person” and that’s what you get when he’s teaming up with his wife to play music as well. Have a beer with the couple when you run into them and you may find two of your new favorite people.“
(Max • Captain Asshole)


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