GER / Friday, 10th December • Molotow

„Knowing ¾ of the people behind this new project in person lets me stay excited for their Booze Cruise set. The other ¼ is a damn good singer, by the way. This band from Hamburg formed a year ago and just released a sweet, neat LP called “Constructive Summer”. If you like early 2000s punk rock, get on the train. I mean, boat.“

I love these guys. We’ve played our first MODERN SAINTS tour back then with their former band NO WEATHER TALKS. They introduced themselves (halfway serious?!) as the most argueing band on earth and warned us they’d probably split up twice before we even get to the first show. In fact, they’re just the nicest bunch of humans to hang out with. As EATEN BY SNAKES we’ve played a good deal of our shows so far with ARTERIALS, and it’s the same warm around the heart kind of feeling watching them on stage. If this whole playing in a band thing is all about having a good time, we could easily go on tour with them forever.“

„Wie bei einem Lieblingsopa fällt es schwer, die richtigen Worte zu finden. Daher: ARTERIALS = Farterials“

„These guys already played in several other bands and will probably play in bands until their retirement… And just like a typical pensioner they are always busy: it’s been only one year since the release of their LP „Constructive Summer“ and I already heard rumors about them recording another album. They also hit the road quite regularly to play sweaty shows in mouldy basements and crash on any floor – never mind the backpain! If you like Kid Dynamite, Latterman and PBR you should definitely check them out at this year’s Booze Cruise. The only disappointment might be that no one in this band owns pants with French fries on them.“


Current Release


The Spaces In Between

Gunner Records (2020)