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„It was in Hamburg’s LOGO that I first saw and heard ANADRINKSDOGPISS .
In 2003, I was playing my first tour with my band THE MORE I SEE. THE PRODIGY had ended and my band JANUS STARK had split. This was a new adventure and ANA were playing with us at the first show. What a fantastic band. They blew us away with their songs, their honesty and their impact. Andre’s voice has something that cries on your behalf. The songwriting team of Andre and Splatter: Part rock n roll, part punk a touch of MOTÖRHEAD Metal/rock, it is the sound of a generation pleading for truth. It is a warm voice and it makes you sing along, it is ‘Your’ voice. The songs sound familiar, they are already classics. “Do me a favour“ is worthy of induction to ‘The Rock n Roll Hall of fame’!
MISFITS, DAG NASTY, VOLBEAT… if you really need to have comparisons. But ANADRINKSDOGPISS stand on their own as being special and I’m proud to have them as my friends.“

„Where to start with these guys? They go way back and although they have never toured extensively you can hear their “whiskey song” come from any bar, club or dump on any given week end night – and that’s their worst song! They managed to get kicked out of the Logo for drinking too much Jägermeister at a Jägermeister night they were supposed to play – definitely BOOZE CRUISE material.  ANADRINKSDOGPISS = melodic, fast paced Punk Rock with the right mix of melancholy and fist in the air attitude – can’t wait to see them live again!“


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Amigo Records (2012)