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„If you’ve been into punkrock in Germany in the last few years you inevitably will have seen these guys and will have fond memories of their energetic live shows for sure … since they aren’t playing as much as they used to at the moment, make sure to get your dose of sing alongs while supplies last!“

„Fill her up! These guys from Mönchengladbach, western Germany, are well known for their ability to play and drink hard. Judging from our point of view it’d be a huge surprise if they didn’t drink while living in Mönchengladbach … you know? They tour quite a lot playing their punk rock sings with a definite beer flavoured ham tendency, travelling the country which shall not be named and then some.

Did they really take the boat to go to the UK last year? Or is that a a case of labelling fraud? And will we see them on a boat at BOOZE CRUISE 2019? Best see these guys live and then talk to them afterwards ‚till their ears bleed. Top guys – always forever.“

„Fresh water pirates! After playing on a aboat last year Marius was dead serious when he stated that bands don’t belong on boats: “You can’t play – it’s all wobbly and shit!”
Yeah right, they get totally wasted every time they hit the stage but when they can’t play it’s the waves‘ fault.
That night after the boat show ALL ABOARD! Slept in our old practise place – no heating, no running water, no bathroom, but lots of rats, dirt and mould …  they didn’t complain because they had enough beer. When they stayed at my place a couple of months later all they complained about was one single bottle of beer that they found in the fridge the morning after. I got shit for not offering it to them the night before! ALL ABOARD! Got their priorities straight: As long as there’s enough beer it’s all good!“

„Wenn die Elbe aus Bier wäre, würden die Jungs freiwillig über Bord gehen“



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The Rules Of Distraction

Bakraufarfita (2021)