New Kids On The Boat

Please welcome the new kids on the boat: ⁠

First up, we have Anthony from TIRED RADIO, who will be hopping on the ÜBERYOU tourvan and treating us to an acoustic set at our Pineapple Party. Cant’t wait⁠

Next, we have PET NEEDS, who wowed us with their incredible set at the record store last year. We missed hanging out with them so much that we invited them to join our boozy gathering. Luckily, they found a free spot in their busy touring schedule to be a part of Booze Cruise this year.⁠

Now, it’s time for a special premiere. 🚨 101 Part Time Jobs Podcast hosted by Giles Bidder 🚨 Giles will be recording 1-2 episodes live at Booze Cruise in front of an audience. You can expect entertaining interviews with band members about their side jobs between tours. And if you’re familiar with bands like GREAT CYNICS and HONEY JOY, you might recognize Giles himself!⁠

Speaking of folks from bands doing stuff by themselves – DAVE COLLIDE, the singer of BIKE AGE, has a solo project going on. This summer he’ll embark on a long ass 49-EUR train-ticket tour, covering every place having a train station. Hamburg is fortunate enough to be on his list, so get ready to see DAVE COLLIDE on Saturday afternoon.

Unfortunately there are some bad news too:
ARTERIALS are taking a break this year from Booze Cruise, but they’ll be back stronger than ever. ⁠

MAX STERN won’t be on tour with TIMESHARES,  so he won’t be able to play a solo set at Booze Cruise 2023. Next year, okay?

Also, Europe, we will have to wait a little longer for ROCKY VOTOLATO and BIG BIRD. Both postponed their tours to some point in the future. ⁠

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