geschrieben am 3. December 2021

Hey folks,

This painful decision has been looming for a while now but we feel it’s now time to make the call.

Regrettably, we are going to have to cancel Booze Cruise Festival V….once again.
As you can imagine, this is not an easy one for us…again.

Again we have done everything we can to make this work but it’s seeming more than ever, impossible for the festival to take place in an environment that is safe for everyone involved.

As of today, 60% of all bands have cancelled their appearance, the venues involved will cancel all shows for the next weeks from now, more and more people are refunding their festival tickets. It’s totally unpredictable if there will be enough free antigen tests available for us at St. Pauli’s testing facilities throughout the festival weekend, we probably would have to wear masks at the shows and there could be an immediate lockdown once Hamburg’s incidence rate hits the 350 mark. 
Don’t know about you, but we spell fun differently.

As it stands, there is no reschedule date.
We will start the refund process for everyone who has purchased a ticket.

Although we have applied for some federal culture fonds, we don’t know yet, if we will get enough money to cover all bands’ expenses.
We will put a benefit – shirt and pillow cushion in our store in the next days, maybe you can’t help us to support the struggling bands.

We are so sorry for the bad news 🙁

Stay safe, stay sane, listen to Dillinger Four and headbutt some Anti-Vaxxers

Stefan & Booze Crew

PS. Next summer’s Booze Cruise will take place from 24-26th June 2022. We will announce the bands later this month.
Next Frosty Booze Cruise is scheduled for 24-25. February 2023, when the annual winter lockdown is hopefully over.

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