Pineapple Party on 12th June

geschrieben am 3. Juni 2021

Our festival might be postponed to Winter 2021, but there is no way in hell we would miss to host a pineapple party this summer.
So please join us on Saturday, 6/12 for an open air pineapple party in Molotow’s backyard.

On stage:

Sabotage Records
„They got the tunes, they got the look, they got the attitude! No Sugar’s punky Garage sound is catchy as hell, you won’t get „Peanut Butter Sandwiches“ out of your head for days.
Love the vocal ping pong of male and female front vocals. Great guys and girls with the right mind set. Don’t miss!“

(Eva • GRöli MUSIC)

Gunner Records
„Sometimes listening to punk is like eating French fries every day. I mean, they taste great, but the same thing every day? It makes me want something else, pasta for example. CHARTREUX are a brand new band, but let’s be honest, they don’t reinvent punk fries and they don’t intend to. Nevertheless, they manage to douse yesterday’s fries with a spicy ketchup that it tickles the palate as on the first day.
If this 7-song EP would be released on FAT or RED SCARE, they would be the new sensation. But since the band „only“ comes from Leipzig and is released on GUNNER, I would strongly recommend to listen to it anyway. The -few- fast moments push the HC-gas pedal in best PAINT IT BLACK-rage through to the metal, but mostly they hit a rather punkrocky, anthemic direction. I hear a bit of „How To Clean Everything“-PROPAGHANDI in there, and otherwise CHARTREUX definitely feel right at home next to stuff like STRIKE ANYWHERE, ENEMY YOU or NOTHINGTON.“

(Jens – Arterials)


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