New Junk City

New Junk City (USA)


USA / Showtime: TBA

„These guys must be one of the most underrated bands on the planet. They are always so raw but with hooks for days and such a unique sound. Maybe I have been through similar stuff to what John sings about, but I want to sing and cry at every chorus.“
(The Run Up)


„The first time I saw New Junk City was at Pouzza Fest 7 in Montreal. I had been looking forward to seeing them after jamming their self titled EP pretty heavily for awhile. I was not disappointed, despite down a guitar player (I believe they performed as a three piece at that time) the band played a killer set and I was hooked. A year or so later we had the pleasure of hosting New Junk City in our hometown of Grand Rapids. It was rad as hell to see them again, this time in a basement and with the full lineup.

I can’t wait to see them in Europe, hanging out and playing shows together along with The Run Up. Until then I’ll be doing my best to nail down the whistle part at the end of Down The Tubes.“
(Bong Mountain)


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New Junk City

Same Places

Real Ghost Records (2018)