GER / Showtime: TBA

„Primetime WHAT?! Eaten By WHO?! Modern Saints is the real deal! Modern Saints are the kings of nerdcore! All hail Trockelman now that he’s back with Modern Saints! Kestnerman & Finkeman & Trockelman! Nuff said!“

„Saints they are, that much is for sure. They’re the kinda people that you look up to, in a punk sense of the word. Make a living off fair-trade clothing? Set up a micro-brewery? Play 90’s techno renditions of Bad Religion songs? Nail the craziest fills after 10 beers? They got it all figured out. It’s funny though, how there’s nothing modern about the way that these guys approach music. As far as three-chord pop-punk songs go, they couldn’t be farther away from polished plastic bullshit. Instead it takes time and effort to get down to the core of their songs and discover all the crazy little lyrical side blows on blindly following religious leaders. I just love how it’s all so damn coherent. After all they said it best themselves: „All these modern saints, they sell you a cheap promise to save your soul. And they get you every time. Yeah, you hang on their lips like an addict, you’ve learned to repeat like a parrot.“ They do get me every time. So it’s damn good to have them back.“
(Arterials, again)


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