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„Kaleb is the real deal, old school Gainesville fucker that I have always known and loved. Tropical Depression is a perfect example of where he comes from and where he is at. Great songs, strong melodies and a fuck you attitude that deserves everyone’s attention. I love him for making it, you should too!“(Arthur Shepherd/Error Type 11/Mind over Matter)

„I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting/playing with Kaleb once – in a brilliant Florida bar, but it was fantastic! An incredible performer, wonderful human and awesome storyteller, the guy is an encyclopedia of punk rock trivia knowledge. Expect great songs, great laughs and an exceptional time!“

„I presume that most people don´t know who Kaleb Stewart is but this will hopefully change soon. Let me tell you that the musical projects that he is in or has been involved with were a huge influence on us. Starting with our bands name which has been stolen from a song of the Crow(s) or covering one of the best modern political punk songs called Coffee Black in our early days. With As Friends Rust he truly was on some next level shit. Now he is going solo with his first Full Length Record “Tropical Depression”. This honest and beautiful record got me hooked from the first time I played it and I seriously cannot wait to witness songs like “politics at the bar” or “sunshine” at this years Booze Cruise. Kaleb Stewart is on some next level shit.“
(Hell & Back)


Aktuelles Release


Tropical Depression

Sound Of Subterrania (2018)