Decent Criminal

Decent Criminal (USA)


USA / Thursday, 6. June • Astra Stube

Oh man, DECENT CRIMINAL, where to begin? We’ve known these decent people for a while now and got stuck on the road with them for a month last year. You ever have that friend that is just way cool and you don’t know how they are so cool? That friend is DECENT CRIMINAL. You don’t always really actually like the music of the bands you’re on the road with. This was not the case here. We watched them every night and remember just thinking “fuck, this good, these guys are good” Their songs really dig in, the delivery is even more wowing and compelling. We all ended up tattooing each other in a living room in Arizona at 3am at the end of that tour. (WESTERN SETTINGS)


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Decent Criminal


Dodgeball Records (2017)