ESP / Showtime: TBA

„Back in the day (I’m talking late 90’ies, early 2000 here) I used to immensely enjoy reading SLUG & LETTUCE, a zine by Chris Boarts Larson. Not because I was as heavily into the crusty side of punk as she was, but because she used to write so enthusiastically about records and bands that I just had to check them out.
I found ACCIDENTE a similar way – I read about them on the PUNK DISTRO mailorder site and just knew I was going to like them: Politically charged melodic punk from Spain! I always think of them as the Spanish BAD RELIGION with a lot less distortion and more major chords than Mr. Brett would ever allow. So excited to finally (after three LPs!) see them live!“

„Back in 2012, i „accidentally“ saw Accidente play a DIY punk festival in Barcelona. Long story short: Never heard about them before, but Accidente easily was the best band of the entire night.
Super fast melodic Posicore with a political attitude, clearly not giving a fuck about the latest whats-hot-with-the-goths-who-used-to-be-crusties trend. People were going apeshit singing along at the top of their voices to every single song they played. Now, a bunch of years later, Accidente is an established institution and they got a couple of flawless LPs under their belts. Glad they’re coming back to Hamburg for the boozey cruise. Better refresh your Spanish, kiddos. Don’t miss out.“


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Dirtcult Records (2016)